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Drop off Inflatables for Kids


Frozen Themed Jumping Castle

A jumping castle to please every child. Frozen is one of the most popular party theme and now you can even have a jumping castles featuring the movies favourite characters.

Sponge Bob Jumping Castle

Join Sponge Bob, Patrick and their friends on the ultimate underwater adventure.

This bright and colourful jumping castle is perfect for any little Sponge Bob Squarepants fan.

Available for private parties, corporate events and fundraisers.

Complete with shade shelter and steps, your party guests will enjoy bouncing around while you can keep an eye on them through the mesh windows.


Add Laser Skirmish to your Jumping Castle Hire

Football Shootout

Great fun for Fundraisers, Footy and Soccer Breakups,
School fairs and Team Challenges Or just for a Party!

Watch all ages have fun with this item! Can drop off or with operator!


Disney Jumping Castle

With all of your favourite Disney characters and Princesses, this Disney themed jumping castle is sure to impress your party goers. Boys and Girls get to bounce, jump and play in the shade. This jumping castle also has mesh windows for the adults to watch their kids play.

Sesame Street Jumping Castle

"Sunny day, Sweepin' the clouds away.
On my way to where the air is sweet,

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street"

This castle has many activities of fun for the kids! This castle can be wet slide with sprinkles in the roof above slide just attached a hose.
Kids up to 14 yrs.


Inferno Challenge

Our latest Challenge, this is similar to the Extreme Challenge being 28 metres long also. Again great for Sports Associations and OSHC centres. Fun and challenging for all ages. Has covers.

Size: 28 metres Long x 3 metres Wide

Inferno Challenge
Inferno ChallengeInferno ChallengeInferno Challenge


King Kong Adventure Obstacle Castle

10m Long – 8m Wide – 4.1m High
King Kong Adventure: This ones great for  any kids up to age of 12. Play tiggy, hide n seek, challenge for fastest time or just bounce around.

Very active for kids and they love the Gorilla! Make your Party a tropical \Island One! Need to drive to setup location so side gate 3mtrs wide to backyard.


Ultimate Combo Castles

Ultimate Combo Castles with great inter-changeable picture on front. We can Theme the jumping castle to suit your party. Your kids will love it! Great fun for your next party! AREA REQUIRED 7.5d x 6.5w x 5.0h

Giant Inflatable TWISTER

Right Foot Blue
Left Foot Yellow

This is the ultimate game of twister turning this CLASSIC into an portable and inflatable game for perfect parties!

Suitable for Kids and Adults!

SIZE: 4m Long x 4m Wide x 1.2m High

Giant Inflatable

This is a 2 IN 1 inflatable game with Dart Soccer on one side and sticky Dart Board on the other!

Velcro Darts and Soccer Ball for Twice the FUN

SIZE: 4m Long x 4m Wide x 4m High

Giant Maze


Try our new attraction; the MAZE!

Kids big and small love to find a way to the other end and conquer the maze, with turns and dead ends to stop any maze master.

Set-up Area 10m x 10m

We offer this maze with an operator or as drop off inflatable that you supervise yourself.

Play Pen Castle

The Playpen Castle is perfectly suited for those special little people in your life. With half mesh and half inflatable walls the Playpen Castle allows them to jump to their hearts contempt, but without you missing a second of the excitement. With just a single entry in the front of the castle the Playpen was designed with easy supervision and safety in mind.

Max Age: 8 years
Max people: 8

Size: 4.5mtrs x 4mtrs x 2.4mtrs
Area Required: 6mtrs x 4mtrs x 3mtrs

Children's jumping castles Brisbane

Brisbane kids party hire

Green Obstacle – All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

Green Obstacle: Perfect for a birthday party. Shade covers over majority of Inflatables stops it from getting too hot and has lots
of little obstacles within to keep the kids entertained and challenged all day long.
Also a chance for the parents to challenge the little ones and hopefully get one last win over them!

Red Obstacle – All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

Red Obstacle: Similar to the Green Obstacle, just the slides are a little more difficult to climb.
Again lots of fun for the whole family and can keep a large group of kids occupied and happy for the whole day.

Army Obstacle- All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

ARMY OBSTACLE: Check out our latest obstacle course to arrive. The Army Obstacle comes packed with Obstacles,
making it a perfect gift for that competitive sporty child. Suitable for all ages from preppies to adults.

Obstacle Course Challenge

23.5m Long – 3.1m Wide – 4m High

Obstacle Course Challenge: Personal favourite. As this one is over 20 metres long, its ideal for all ages up to adults.
Challenge yourself or race the others to see who can get the fastest time and be crowned champion for the day.

Perfect for all events and just great for Sporting Functions.

Extreme Challenge- All Ages

28 metres Long x 3 metres Wide

Extreme Challenge: This Obstacle Course is our longest alongside the Commando Challenge.
The perfect edition for an event, Sports Presentation Day, School Fundraising etc.
Being 28 metres long it is suitable for all ages.
You can have timed races, prizes for fastest times and age competitions to help get everyone involved.

Great for fitness and fun for everyone.


Gladiator Arena

5m Long – 4.5m Wide – 2.5m High

Gladiator Arena: Great for all ages.

The kids can challenge one another,
the parents and the neighbours.

Great to watch the littles give it their all and change the rules as they go!

Release the Gladiator within.  


Round Obstacle Course

5.7m Long – 5m Wide – 2m High

 Look no further if you have a birthday party that’s just for the under 5yr olds.

Fun little obstacle to play in and run around in. The walls are completely closed with only one way out so easy to keep an eye on the little ones.      

Kids Fun Land 1

Drop 6 hours or Extra $50 for overnight plus Delivery

 This one is perfect for the little kids.

An absolute paradise for Toddlers through to the age of 8 and over if needed.

Parents can join them on here as well and the size of this inflatable means you can have easily up to 10 kids under the age of 6.

 If you have the room to fit this in, we can guarantee the Kids will love it.

8m Long - 6m Wide - 5.5m High

Kids Fun Land 2

Drop 6 hours or Extra $50 for overnight plus Delivery

This one is the exact same size as the Kids Fun Land and almost identical to the Kids Playground. Has a nice shade cover.

This is also fantastic for Toddlers and all ages through to 12 yrs of age.

Again, Adults can go on here as well.  

Big enough to fit 8 kids up to the age of 10 without any problems. 

Wet Dry Slide

What are the 2 things children love most - jumping castles and water. The Wet n Dry slide incorporates both of those as it is manufactured the same as a jumping castle, but shaped like a giant water slide, with a small pool/catchment area at the bottom! You start by climbing up the ladder to the top of the slide, over 3.5 meters high, then prepare for the ride of your life as you slide and slide down to the bottom and land in a pool of water; what a thrill.

The slide is big enough to entertain even the most daring children, but compact enough to fit in most suburban back yards.

Max Age: 12 - Max people: 2

Max Age: 13 years

Area Required: 12mtrs x 5mtrs x 6mtrs

Wave slide inflatable

We can drop off this castle between 9am to 5pm or lunch to next morning in your yard for Summer.

Fun for the kids!


Dolphin / Whale Castle

NEW dolphin / whale themed water slide great for your next pool party or ocean themed party for your kids.

Features inflatable stair case and giant water slide with giant Orchas.

Enjoy the best of both worlds - a slide AND water. Great fun for all of the kids.

Big enough to cater for your party guests yet small enough to set-up in most backyards.

Max Age: 13 years

Area required: 8mtrs x 4.5 mtrs wide

We can drop off this castle between 9am to 5pm or lunch to next morning in your yard for Summer.

Fun for the kids!

Dora The Explorer Jumping Castle

Dora and Diego themed Castle for up to

Age: 14yrs

Space Needed: 5mtrs x 5mtr area for setup

Bungee Run

The sleek Bungee Run has proven itself worthy of even the most energetic children. Users strap in and try to outrun each other, both in speed and distance before getting pulled back by the Bungee Cord! Like all of our equipment the Bungee Run is ideal for private parties, fundraisers, fun days and of course corporate events. Quick to setup, fast turnaround times and fun all primary school aged children.

Max Age - 12
Max people - 2

Size: 10.0mtrs x 3.0mtrs x 3.0mtrs
Area Required: 11.0mtrs x 3.5mtrs x 3.5mtrs

Brisbane bungy run

Bungy run Brisbane

Basket Ball Bungee

12 yrs and up

Choose your opponent, strap on your bungee cord, and RUN! FOREST! RUN!

Sink the first basket before your are catapulted backwards with lightening speed! Quickest to shoot five baskets wins!

Monsters Inc Jumping Castle

Up to 14 yrs

Area: 4mtrs x 4mtrs x 4mtrs

Great fun for the kids and covered with great theme!

The Adult Boxing and Gladiator

Challenge your opponent and choose your battle with our castle that transforms from a Boxing Ring to a Gladiator Duel in a matter of seconds!
Two games in one! Size - 5M X 5M X 4M

Super Hero Combo Castle

This castle is suitable for up to 8 little super heros at once.

This combo castle is a jumping castle and inflatable slide in one. Check out the grovy super hero mural on the back wall!

Mesh windows are for mums and dads to look in on the super hero action with a shade shelter to keep the sun off.

This is the ultimate super hero bounce house!

Sticky Wall

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall? Well find out with the Sticky Wall. Users put on a Velcro suit and jump, tumble and flip onto a large Velcro wall. The wall is large enough for 2 users at a time and will provide endless laughs as people get themselves into all sorts of funny and awkward positions. Hired with 4 suits for quick changeover and turn around.

Max Age - na
Max people - 2

Size: 6mtrs x 3mtrs x 6mtrs
Area Required: 6.5mtrs x 3.5mtrs x 6mtrs

Sticky wall or fly on the wall velcro wall Brisbane

Sticky wall or fly on the wall velcro wall Brisbane

Girls or Boys Castle

Giving your kids the ultimate birthday party is every parents dream!

Create your child's dream party all while wearing your party guests.

What price would you pay for a good nights sleep?

Has rockwall climbing inside!!!

Up to 14 yrs

Area Required: 6mtrs x 4mtrs x 4mtrs

Jungle Run Castle

The Jungle Run Castle is the larger version of the Jungle Combo Castle and features 2 round climb through's, access holes at one end, a generous jumping area with 2 inflatable pop ups which the children can bump into, jump around and knock down. The children then climb up to 2 meters high before sliding down the slide to end up outside the castle. The Jungle Run also features 2 mesh windows for ventilation and easy supervision (which the children can still safely jump against) full artwork and a rain / shade cover.

Max Age - 12
Max people - 12

Size: 8.5mtrs x 3mtrs x 3mtrs
Area Required: 10.5mtrs x 4mtrs x 3mtrs

Jungle jumping castle Brisbane

Gold Coast jungle jumping castle

Basketball Challenge

7m Long - 3m Wide - 3m High

Basketball Challenge: Great for ages 5 to Teens.

See who has the skill and determination to get the ball in the hoop while 12 of their mates do all they can to knock you off.

Princess themed castle

Have a themed Princess Party with this popular pretty pink and purple castle complete with slide!

Complete with mesh windows for parents to peak in and sunroof to protect the little princesses inside.

With magical pictures and also maybe a Face Painting Fairy - great fun is had by all!

Treat your little girl to a real day of fun!

Zoo Castle

The Zoo is one of our entry level castles suited to the little children. With its fully inflatable walls, colourful artwork and 2 inflatable animal figurines inside it is sure to keep them amused all day long. The Zoo Castle is easy to supervise as it only has 1 entry / exit point and also features a large inflatable front matt for easy and safe access for the young ones.

Max. People - 8
Max Age - 8

Size: 4.5mtrs x 3.5mtrs x 2.4mtrs
Area Required: 6mtrs x 4mtrs x 3mtrs

Jumping castles for kids
jumping castles for children


Jungle Combo Castle

Are your children adventurous? Yes, well do we have the castle for them. The Jungle Combo Castle features full artwork inside and out, a rain/shade cover for those warm days, large windows either side for easy supervision and best of all a fully inflatable slide out the front.

This castle is suitable for up to 8 adventurous little minds at once and with a host of features unmatched anywhere else we guarantee a great day.

Max Age - 8
Max people - 8

Size: 4.5mtrs x 4mtrs x 3.5mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 4.5mtrs x 3.5mtrs

Jungle themed jumping castle Brisbane

Jungle themed jumping castle Sunshine Coast

Party Castle

The Party Castle is sure to brighten your day with its awesome graphics and bright colours. The Party Castle is suitable for up to 10 busy children at once and features fully inflatable walls which you can jump against and an open front for easy access and visibility.

Also featuring a rain / shade cover to keep the elements at bay and sized to fit in most suburban backyards, it's hard to look past the Party Castle for value for money.

Max Age - 12
Max people - 10

Size: 4.5mtrs x 5.4mtrs x 3.9mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 6.0mtrs x 4.0mtrs

Party jumping castles

Brisbane Party jumping castle hire

Boat Castle

Stop looking for that lost treasure, its right here in the form of a jumping castle. Let your children's minds set sail for the day as they jump, climb and play on there very own inflatable ship. This castle is suitable to any pirate, ocean or water theme party you may be having. With port holes out the front, inflatable palm trees and room to cater for up to 10 you can be sure of a successful voyage.

Max Age - 12
Max people - 10

Size: 3mtrs x 6mtrs x 3mtrs
Area Required: 4.4mtrs x 7mtrs x 3.2mtrs

Boat jumping castle

Boat jumping castle Brisbane

Giant Kids Castle

The latest addition to our range is our Giant Kids Castle with a rain and shade cover to keep the elements at bay to ensure that everyone will still have a fantastic time. This castle is super bouncy! It will bounce you all over the place keeping you in fits of laughter the whole time; luckily we hire all day or overnight for the same low rate.

Max Age - All Ages
Max people - 6

Size: 5.8mtrs x 5.3mtrs x 4.7mtrs
Area Required: 7.5mtrs x 6.0mtrs x 5mtrs

Giant jumping castles Brisbane

Brisbane's Giant jumping castles

Inflatable Rock and Roll Gladiator Duel

It’s payback time! Put your head gear on climb in and get ready to RUMBLE!

Challenge your opponent to a duel. First one down is the loser.

The winner has bragging rights until the next duel. Can go inside Venues or out.

Area - 6mtr x 6mtr

Gladiator Duel

Ever wanted to challenge your friends or work mates to a duel? Then do we have the product for you. To win at the Gladiator Duel you will require great balance and patience, not strength as most users find out the hard way! If you can fool your opponent into becoming unbalanced or bump your opponent off their pod then you win! Beware; it's not as easy as it looks. Great fun for all ages, males and females.

Max Age - na
Max people - 2

Size: 5mtrs x 5mtrs x .8mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 5.5mtrs x 3mtrs

Gladiator Duel game Brisbane

Gladiator Duel game Brisbane

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