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Inflatable Rides for Corporate Events


All of these inflatable rides come with a trained operator.

Inferno Challenge

Our latest Challenge, this is similar to the Extreme Challenge being 28 metres long also. Again great for Sports Associations and OSHC centres. Fun and challenging for all ages. Has covers.

Size: 28 metres Long x 3 metres Wide

Inferno Challenge
Inferno ChallengeInferno ChallengeInferno Challenge



Giant Inflatable Lizard Obstacle Course

Check out our new Red or Green Lizard theme jumping castle, obstacle course combo for 4 yrs and up.
Lots of new and fun obstacles insideincluding climbing wall and slippery slide.
Fully covered. 18mtrs x 5mtrs area required for setup.

Inflatable Horse Race Field

Suitable for all ages!

Race your inflatable horse against 3 to 4 other jockeys to victory.

Perfect for corporate events and venues.


Inflatable boxing Ring

Get Ready to Rumble! Ding Ding get your Boss in the ring!

So much fun for Corporate Parties, or backyard birthday parties!

Inflatable boxing game
Shark Slide

Perfect for large events.

Whether it be a Charity, Corporate or large Sporting event you are guaranteed to get attention with this one.

The kids love it, although some choose to stay clear of its jaws!

Size: 13m Long – 7m Wide – 11m High

Kids Slide Junior Slide

This one is ideal for the little kids up to 7yrs old.

Lots of fun, not too imposing but a nice challenge and a little scary once they are on top.

Size 8m Long – 4m Wide – 7m High

Giant Maze


Try our new attraction; the MAZE!

Kids big and small love to find a way to the other end and conquer the maze, with turns and dead ends to stop any maze master.

Set-up Area 10m x 10m

We offer this maze with an operator or as drop off inflatable that you supervise yourself.


Junior Castle Combo

Here’s a castle just for the little ones, a jumping castle built just for them and yes it has a slide built in. Let them slide and then have a jump in the same castle, this will bring a smile to their small faces and yours. Ages up to 6yrs

Kids jumping castles Brisbane


Morphy the Caterpillar Inflatable Tunnel Fun

This Cute Caterpillar is great fun for the small kids.

They enter in the caterpillar and run through the inflatbale tunnel all the way around to where Morphy morphs into a beautiful butterfly. The fun finished with a slide suitable for little ones.

This castles shows the great change from Worm to butterfly, One of life’s Wonders!

Ages: Up to 6 yrs

Requirements: Needs to be setup on grass area

Mechanical It’s a Knock Out Game

Great for Team Challenges and Fundraising Events!

Comes with operator to run item.

Ask for a quote today!

Frozen Themed Jumping Castle

A jumping castle to please every child. Frozen is one of the most popular party theme and now you can even have a jumping castles featuring the movies favourite characters.


Frozen themed jumping castle Brisbane

Zorb Balls

Non-water filled Zorb Balls are great for school fetes, corporate events and team building.

Comes with an operators and fully is insured.

Disney Jumping Castle

With all of your favourite Disney characters and Princesses, this Disney themed jumping castle is sure to impress your event goers. Boys and Girls get to bounce, jump and play in the shade. This jumping castle also has mesh windows for parents to watch their kids play.

Great for fundraisers as well as corporate events.

Commando Giant Obstacle Course

Move it Move it Move it!

Experience the Rush of beating you mate through the course! Great Team Building ,

Corporate Functions and School Fetes and Fun Days!

Inflatable obstacle course

Football Shootout

For all the Footy Clubs breakups, for corporate Team Challenge Events,

For a Child or Adult who just wants it for his Birthday!

The Football Shootout is great fun and Always good for Fundraisers as well or School Fairs!

Only comes with operator! This game is not a Drop off Item!

Nutcracker Bull

Enjoy the Thrill of a Rodeo by staying on the bull as long as you can!

Theme your event country!

Ages 8yrs and up can have a go, can go inside venues or out.

Area 6mtr x 6mtr. 8yrs and up

Mechanical Bull with a View at  a Private Event! Nice!

Bucking Bull Mechanical Bull Ride Gold Coast
All Aged Castle

And yes, we have castles suitable for ALL AGES!

This is great for parties and events where the kids and adults are going to want to go for a jump.

Clown jumping castle

Clown Jumping Castle with operator. Area 6mtr x 6mtr up to 12 yrs can ride.
Great to have in your circus themed event.

Age suitability: Up to 12 Years old

Sumo Suits

What more do we have to say, the infamous Sumo Suits. If you have not experienced the fun of Sumo Suits before (or the laughter watching people using them) you are definitely missing out. You bump, push, wrestle and dodge your opponent all whilst trying to stay upright!

5mtrs x 5mtrs x 2mtrs area required

Cars (Movie) themed slide

This great Car Themed Double Lane Slide if perfect to move through the kids at your next event.

Every kids loves Cars, the movie.

Ages up to 12 yrs and great fun for school fetes and fundraisers!

Cars jumping castle. Cars the Movie

Bouncy Boxing

Area 5mtr x5mtr area with operator
Put on the big gloves and mix with your friends!
Very active and a great team challenge to the end winner!

Brisbane jumping castles
Tribal Encounter Combo

Get on the while side with this tribal themed jumping castle/slide combo.

With big yellow bumbers and shade cover, this castle is set to be a hit with the crowds.

Great for large events.

Sumo Suits

Great for fun who can knock who over in that big suit.
No diet required, just fun!
5mtr x 5mtr area with operator

Sumo Suits Brisbane
Duel Land Bungy or
Bungee fun run

Team challenges. Get the boss on the other side and see who wins!
Great for team challenges and active events
Area 12mtr x4mtr with operator

Bungy Run Gold Coast
Fly on wall

Jump and bounce then stick! The aim is to throw yourself at the velcro wall while in your velcro suit and stick as high up as you can.

Velcro fly on wall game for adults
Bumpa Soccer

The challenge is to stay up right while kicking the ball –  12 play with 6 asides-

Lots of fun for sporting teams, Corporate Events, Fundraising Events, Active Birthday Parties, School Fairs and Rewards Days!

So funny to watch if planning a event!

Chuggy the Train

Enjoy the excitement of the huge tunnel with ups and downs slides inside.  The Train worm is a fun item for all ages. Must go on grass surface for setup and comes with operator.

The Party Time Bouncer

This Jumping Castle is a huge amount of jumping, rolling, bouncing, shoeless fun.

These huge colourful novelty shapes are a spectacular success wherever they are set up.

Takes up to 20 minim size children at a time. Area required: 8 metres wide x 8 metres deep. Power required: 1 x 10 amp circuit.

Age suitability: under 3-13 year olds.

Giant Inflatable Slide

Ages: 6 yrs and up

Available with operator only

13m Long – 9m Wide – 12m High

This one is quite an experience and very high.

Jurassic park Castle

The largest and most impressive jumping castle in our range.  Find dinosaur bones & relics from the Jurassic era while climbing the volcano walls & then sliding down the lava run!

Ages:  3 to 16 years.
Capacity:  15 - 20.
Space:  11m x 9m x 5.5m (H).

Snow boarding

Try to stay on while the board moves around.

With this blow up cool slope no one gets hurt 4 yrs and up can have a go.

Can go inside venues or out.
Area 6mtr x 6mtr.

Mechanical Snow Board
Skate boarding

With this blow up half pike no one gets hurt 4 yrs and up can have a go.

Can go inside venues or out.

Area 6mtr x 6mtr.

Mechanical Skate board
Mechanical Surfboard

Hang 10 on the wave! Theme your Beach Party with the thrill of the board!

4 yrs and up can have a go.

Can go inside venues or out.

Area 6mtr x 6mtr.

Mecahnical Surfboard Brisbane    
Green Obstacle – All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

Green Obstacle: Perfect for a birthday party. Shade covers over majority of Inflatables stops it from getting too hot and has lots
of little obstacles within to keep the kids entertained and challenged all day long.
Also a chance for the parents to challenge the little ones and hopefully get one last win over them!

Red Obstacle – All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

Red Obstacle: Similar to the Green Obstacle, just the slides are a little more difficult to climb.
Again lots of fun for the whole family and can keep a large group of kids occupied and happy for the whole day.

Army Obstacle- All Ages

14m Long - 3m Wide - 4m High

ARMY OBSTACLE: Check out our latest obstacle course to arrive. The Army Obstacle comes packed with Obstacles,
making it a perfect gift for that competitive sporty child. Suitable for all ages from preppies to adults.

Obstacle Course Challenge

23.5m Long – 3.1m Wide – 4m High

Obstacle Course Challenge: Personal favourite. As this one is over 20 metres long, its ideal for all ages up to adults.
Challenge yourself or race the others to see who can get the fastest time and be crowned champion for the day.

Perfect for all events and just great for Sporting Functions.

Extreme Challenge- All Ages

28 metres Long x 3 metres Wide

Extreme Challenge: This Obstacle Course is our longest alongside the Commando Challenge.
The perfect edition for an event, Sports Presentation Day, School Fundraising etc.
Being 28 metres long it is suitable for all ages.
You can have timed races, prizes for fastest times and age competitions to help get everyone involved.

Great for fitness and fun for everyone.

Basketball Challenge

7m Long - 3m Wide - 3m High

Basketball Challenge: Great for ages 5 to Teens.

See who has the skill and determination to get the ball in the hoop while 12 of their mates do all they can to knock you off.

Diego Combo Castle

Includes slipery slide inside. Parents can watch their children play through the mesh windows.

AGE: for up to 8 yrs

Great fun for the smaller kids!

Round Obstacle Course

5.7m Long – 5m Wide – 2m High

Look no further if you have a birthday party that’s just for the under 5yr olds.

Fun little obstacle to play in and run around in. The walls are completely closed with only one way out so easy to keep an eye on the little ones.

Kids Fun Land 1

Drop 6 hours or Extra $50 for overnight plus Delivery

 This one is perfect for the little kids.

An absolute paradise for Toddlers through to the age of 8 and over if needed.

Parents can join them on here as well and the size of this inflatable means you can have easily up to 10 kids under the age of 6.

 If you have the room to fit this in, we can guarantee the Kids will love it.

8m Long - 6m Wide - 5.5m High

Kids Fun Land 2

Drop 6 hours or Extra $50 for overnight plus Delivery

This one is the exact same size as the Kids Fun Land and almost identical to the Kids Playground. Has a nice shade cover.

This is also fantastic for Toddlers and all ages through to 12 yrs of age.

Again, Adults can go on here as well.  

Big enough to fit 8 kids up to the age of 10 without any problems. 

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